Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adjustable Ring Sling

Adjustable Ring Sling

Adjustable, Reversible Ring Sling Range from: $35-$45

Regular Adjustable Ring Sling: $25-$32

(Vintage Green)

(Aqua Damask)

*Slings are 100% adjustable so they work for multiple caregivers, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of babywearing. You adjust the sling to fit you, so no matter what your body type is you can get a custom fit every time. As your baby grows, you will continue to adjust your sling for the perfect fit. You never need to worry about needing a larger size.
* Slings are made with nylon rings from They are batch tested for safety and strength. These rings are weld-free and pull tested to 250 lbs.
*Sling can be used for babies from infant to 35 lbs. It is easy to adjust and the baby can be positioned several different ways as they grow.
*All slings are the standard 84” inches, which may leave you will a long tail (this can be used to cover your baby like a blanket or a nursing cover). However, custom sizes are always available.
*As always, your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always use good judgment when using your sling and to put your baby’s safety first. Gia Rose Designs and Urban Upcyle claim no responsibility in the case of any injuries resulting from sling usage. By purchasing this sling you are agreeing to the above Disclaimer.

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