Monday, December 14, 2009

50% of Gia Rose proceeds go to CHARITY!

I've decided to donate 50% of Gia Rose Designs profits to a worthy cause, through July 2011! (That means any items on sell on Etsy, this blog & custom orders!)

That feels great to type, but also a bit scary. I don't really know why-it's just a big project to handle all by myself! Bare with me (as I'm not a great writer) and I'll fill you on how this came about.

All my life I've felt called to do more. I always say someday I'll be a foster mom, someday I'd love to help teenage mothers, someday I'd like to be able to give thousands of dollars to different organizations that need it. Then the other day I realized that someday needs to be today. What was holding me back? The only problem was I didn't know what I wanted to do. While laying in bed the other night it dawned on me that Gia Rose Designs could be that link to do something more with my life, something meaningful. Why not give some of the money I make to someone/something that really needs it? Why not donate 50% of my profits to a different charity, organization or person every few months?

Now I ask my readers for your help. First, trust that I will donate the money we all raise. I know in today's world you never know what really happens to the money you donate but I promise you this money will go to people who need it (and that doesn't include me!)

Second, who do you know that could benefit from donations? Have you read a blog where someone is raising money for their child, family or an organization? I'd like to raise money for two months, donate that money and then start raising for a different organization. Make sense?
(You can post a comment with the charity information or email me at

Now spread the word, spend some money and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)

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